Weight Loss RX

Exclusively at South River Compounding Pharmacy

Get ready to…

    • Improve your body’s nutrient absorption capabilities
    • Lose fat, not muscle
    • Lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels
    • Continue to lose or maintain your weight on your own!

Why Weight Loss RX?

Come to one of our Weight Loss Rx seminars and learn more about how tranforming habits into healthy habits can change your quality of life. Upcoming free seminars can be found on our Events page or through signing up for our monthly newsletters.

  • Real life, real food, medical emphasis
  • Proven results
  • Unparalleled support
  • Individual or group sessions
  • Pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Health screenings throughout

Our Group Program

Over 8 weeks, you’ll receive:

  • 2 Bio-Impedance Analyses
  • 2 Cholesterol/Blood Sugar Screenings
  • 2 Waist & Hip Measurements
  • 5 Group Meetings w/ optional weigh-ins
  • 8 Weeks of South River Weight Loss RX E-Newsletter
  • 1 Mini-Individual Consultatio
  • Group discussion sessions with a personal touch.
  • Mid-program individual mini-consult.
  • Beginning and completion health screenings.
  • Mid-week e-mails to keep you going.
  • Led by a South River expert in nutrition and supplementation.

Group program is $395.  Our next Group Program is starting soon! Call 804-897-6447 for dates and times.

Prefer an Individual Program?

Over 12 weeks, you’ll receive:

  • 3 Bio-Impedance Analyses
  • 2 Waist & Hip Measurements
  • 5 Personal Consultations
  • Program guide for your new lifestyle
  • Regular, personal e-mails

Led by a South River expert in nutrition and supplementation.
Individual program is $495.  Call us at 804-897-6447 to enroll and schedule your first Personal Consultation!