Weight Loss Rx Testimonial

“From the moment I left the Weight Loss RX seminar, I knew that a change needed to happen. I needed a break-up. The romance was over. My co-dependency on food that I have had for the past thirty years needed to be dealt with and that “bad boy” needed to be kicked to curb. All this time living cavalierly had gotten nowhere but overweight ( I refuse to embrace obese), inflated cholesterol, and blood sugar levels not to mention years of headaches and poor sleeping habits.

Baylor Rice and the team demonstrated in the seminar all of the things that I was doing to myself and shared very directly “Do something or die.” I am 43 years old and I want to live, but I was doing myself my own harm.

The Weight Loss RX program is an easy to follow plan that clearly articulates how to change your life. The only thing needed is the willingness to participate and stick to it. Learning how to eat properly and in proportion has been a whole new experience. Together with the educational meetings and motivational messages it was difficult to not want to participate. To make the decision to end the relationship with “bad foods” and form a new one with good foods has been a rewarding and revealing experience. (Where has kale been all of my life?) I am in parts of the grocery store I have never been and it is all in part from the education received from the Weight Loss RX program. Eating correctly, supplemented with medical food and moderate exercise- I lost 22.8 lbs. in 8 weeks. I would call that a smashing success. Most importantly my cholesterol levels reduced, my sleep has improved greatly and I feel great.

This program was not so much about losing the weight- that is a bonus. It is about changing your life for the good. I am excited to be on this journey and glad that South River Compounding Pharmacy provided the tools and education to do so.”

Jervetta Burns


“The program on the life style change and presentation Karen did was wonderful. I found Karen’s presentations very educational and informative. In addition, the medical food and recommended eating program makes traveling and eating healthy so much easier. I feel better and people are constantly telling me I look better than I have in years.

I think you have a wonderful program in place and Karen is a great asset on your team.”

Eleanor Robertson