When you hear the word “nutrition” what comes to mind?  What you had for lunch? The grocery list on the fridge door?   How about the Vitamin D supplement you bought last week or the omega-3 fish oil you also purchased because you just can’t seem to get that cold water fish on the table 2-3 times a week?

All of these things are a part of what go into providing us with the nutrition we need to be healthy.  At South River Compounding and Wellness, we help you understand how to eat well for your health, but also how to supplement well for when you don’t or can’t.

Did you know that you can overeat and still be undernourished?  Our goal is to help you find good health through nutrition, both with food and supplements.

We are here to help you, so come in and see us with your questions.  Our nutritionist and lifestyle educator are also available for personal consultations by appointment.

Rhonda Matthias, MS, CNW  at our Midlothian Store

Karen Nickolaou, at our West End Store