Specialty Areas

Treatment for Autism

Families find that a personalized form of treatment, including compounded medicines, can be of great benefit to a patient with autism.  Nutritional supplements and biomedical treatments are effective in treating common ailments that children with autism may experience.  These may be administered in the form of a gel that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Pain Management

Many people have chronic pain, yet its successful treatment is often less than optimal.  Our staff at South River has the expertise to help with pain management in a number of ways, including selection of the most appropriate analgesic agent for the patient, its dosage, and customized dosage form.

Veterinary Medicine Compounding

South River can custom compound multiple medicines into one dose, or provide it in a different form for ease of delivery.  We can prepare your pet’s medication in a flavor and form they’ll love.  The result is less frustration for you and your pet, and assurance that your pet is receiving the full dose.